About Me

Hello! I'm Ruben Rangel, the voice behind rubenrangel.net. With a background in backend engineering and a specialization in AWS technologies, I've navigated the complexities of REST and GraphQL APIs, and event-driven systems using serverless and containerized technologies. My journey began at the University of Texas at Austin, where I combined a B.A. in Rhetoric & Writing with a minor in Computer Science, empowering me to not only develop but also clearly articulate sophisticated technical solutions. As a seasoned professional holding several AWS certifications, I aim to share the nuanced trade-offs and strategic decisions that shape our industry through my blog.

Beyond my professional life, I enjoy pickleball and Magic: The Gathering, which sharpen my strategic thinking and occasionally inspire my tech projects. As I aspire to become a CTO and potentially run my own tech venture, rubenrangel.net serves as a platform for professional growth and community engagement. I cherish every piece of feedback, whether it's a simple nod of appreciation or a deep dive into technical discourse, as we explore the world of software engineering together.